Making of Videos


Making Of "Underbridge"

Mural session in Innsbruck Austria

A project of HNRX, with the artists: HNRX Austria, KOCTEL Spain, JOACHIM Belgium, BEBAR France, GUIDO ZIMMERMANN Germany.

Video by Raphael Pöham

Menage a Trois/ Museum on the Steet/ Guido Zimmermann

First mural of the project "Museum on the Street" in Frankfurt.

Bulle vs Bär

Museum on the Street

Part 2

Mural by Guido Zimmermann in Frankfurt City

"Outside In"

IBUg 2016 VEB Butfärberei

Limbach-Oberfrohna/ Sachsen

Charity Painting for "100 Herzen für..." support for cancer kids.

Brake the frames! Take all surfaces over an let the history of the buildings get in. love to cover the hole architecture. 

Resurrection of the swan/ 500 years of luther reformation

KURA Festival 2015

Luherstadt/ Wittenberg

supported by Kulturverein WB Motion

Tree of Society

Frankfurt/ Germany, 2014

Hanauer Landstrasse 147


IBUg 2014


Bring the Museum to the Streets

Meeting of Styles 2014

Aerosol Arena, Magdeburg


Under Art Construction 2014

Euro Zentral Bank, Frankfurt

Rembrandts Ghetto

Character Jam 2014

Jugendhaus Bonames, Frankfurt

Brick Lane/ London

Mural with Hanna Cloe

London, Brick Lane

supported by

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